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Image by Jon Tyson

Submit Your First Hillsdale County Fair Memory!

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Thanks for submitting!

Please share your first memory of attending the Hillsdale County Fair with us!

Memories are a wonderful thing, aren't they? They come to us like they happened yesterday. When was the first time you attended the fair? How old were you, who were you with, and what was the first thing you did? How did you feel, what did you see, and what did you smell?!

This year's 2023 Fair theme is "Harvest the Memories." We invite you to gather your memories to reconnect with why we all love our Most Popular Fair On Earth!

Share your first memory with us! It doesn't have to be lengthy. In the form, add your first name, your last initial, an image (if you want to), and your memory.

More details will come about where your memories will be displayed, and more information about our theme and other fair activities. This year's Fair Week is September 24-30, 2023.

We will close submissions on August 1, 2023, so we have time to arrange our display!

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