2016 Premium Book

Instructions to enter:

  1. Find the department/departments you are interested in entering below. 
  2. Click on the link for the particular department/departments and read all of the rules.  It is recommended to print the rules.
  3. If you wish to enter on-line, click here to follow the link to the on-line entry system.
  4. If you wish to enter by mail or in person, click on the entry form link and complete per the instructions listed on the department rules.
  5. Mail or bring a copy of the completed entry form to the fair office no later than 5:00pm Friday, September 2, 2016 and pay your fees.  Cash or a check made payable to Hillsdale County Fair are accepted.

Open Class Departments
Adult and Youth:


Rules & Regulations


Department 1                         Dairy Cattle                                   Gary Nye

Department 3                         Beef Cattle                                    Gary Nye

Department 5                         Sheep                                     Bart Marshall

Department 7                         Goats                                      Bart Marshall

Department 11                       Poultry                                Harold Finegan

Department 13                       Rabbits                               Harold Finegan 

Department 15                       Horses and Ponies               Tom Richards

Department 17                       Draft Horses                         Todd Johnson

Department 19                       Mules and Jacks                   Todd Johnson

Department 21                       Alpacas & Llamas                 Bart Marshall

Department 38                       Wine                                        Shelly Wirick

Department 40                       Needlework                           Lynn Schrom

Department 41                       Culinary Arts (Home Ec.)   Carolyn Petrie

Department 42                       Fine Arts                                       Mike Nye

Department 43                       Folk Arts                                       Mike Nye

Department 44                       Photography                             Walt Zinser

Department 45                       Antiques                                       Mike Nye

Department 46                       Agriculture                           Gilbert Emens

                                                  Apiary                                     Bernie Pickell

Department 47                       Floriculture                                  Bill White

Department 48                       Horticulture                          Bernie Pickell



Entry Form 2016