The Hillsdale County Fair

"The Most Popular Fair on Earth"

People from all over Michigan and the surrounding areas await the return of the Hillsdale County Fair each fall and the traditional and time enhanced old favorites they have come to expect and treasure over the years. Boasting a new theme each year, the Fair never fails in its effort to bring the old favorites as well as new additions each year. The Hillsdale County Fairgrounds is owned and operated by the Hillsdale County Agricultural Society (a 501 C-3 Non Profit Organization). The Hillsdale County Agricultural Society with the aid of donations and sponsors will continue to produce our fair - "The Most Popular Fair on Earth".

Fair Board Directors 2018



Terms Expiring Annual Meeting 2018

Allen Township                           Bart Marshall

Litchfield City                             Thomas Hecht

Moscow Township                     Cy Richards

Scipio Township                        Gary Nye

Somerset Township                   Bernie Pickell

Wheatland Township                 Todd Johnson

Hillsdale City                               Steve Earl

Litchfield Township                    Mike Nye

Member at Large                         Harold Finegan


Tems Expiring Annual Meeting 2019

Adams Township                       Open

Amboy Township                       Gilbert Emens

Cambria Township                     Walter Zinser

Fayette Township                      Tony Lisznyai

Hillsdale Township                    Mike Balcom

Jefferson Township                  Open

Wright Township                       Bill White

Member at Large                       Shelly Wirick


Terms Expiring Annual Meeting 2020

Camden Township                     Jack Randall

Pittsford Township                     Ian Coleman

Reading Township                    Tom Engel

Woodbridge Township              James Crow

Hillsdale City                              Rodney Beach

Reading City                              Tom Richards

Ransom Township                     David Town

Member at Large                        Doug Bildner


Jonesville City                           Carolyn Petrie


Life Members

Walter Burke

Dean Hicks

James Touse

Leland Wigent

Roger Lewis

Larry Mielke

Jerry Richards

Scott Dow



Officers 2018

Tom Richards                                President                                  Reading

Bernie Pickell                                Vice President                          Jerome

Marc Richards                               Treasurer                                 Camden

Tom Beckner                                 Asst. Treasurer                         Litchfield

Lori Hull                                         Manager/Secretary                  North Adams

Become a Member

  •  To be a Member of the Hillsdale County Fair, the individual must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and is properly registered as a Member.
  •  A person becomes a member of this Society by paying the sum of Ten ($10.00) Dollars. By making such payment such member will be deemed to have subscribed to the Articles and By-laws of the Association. The amount of the Membership fee is $10.00 no matter when paid during the Membership year, Jan. - Dec. 
  •  Those members eligible to vote at the annual or special meeting of the Membership must have paid their membership fee thirty (30) days prior to that meeting.

Stop by the Fair Office to purchase your 2018 Membership